LVL has been assisting TELUS in its efforts to broaden and strengthen its pay TV offering for well over a decade. It’s through this ongoing collaboration that we’ve cultivated a close working relationship with the company’s TV product development team.

Over the years, we successfully integrated our processes with TELUS’ data-driven, dev-ops and life-cycle product management approaches. What’s more, we’ve developed a long-term vision of how to best evolve the company’s pay TV services in a way that allows them to continuously improve the user experience offered across current and emerging operating systems and devices.

Not only have we helped TELUS transition through middlewares (iMagic to Minerva, Echo Star, Android TV and soon MediaFirst), our team has also designed numerous video-related TELUS TV, mobile and tablet apps. A few examples include TED Talks, Manage my Channels, Multiview, Optik Smart Remote, Optik on the Go, rPVR and Musicroom.

An ongoing responsibility of ours is to ensure that TELUS’ product offering continues to align with its core business objectives. To do so, our team works closely with MediaFirst platform provider Ericsson to co-design user experience, interface and service design improvements to TELUS’ Optik and Pik TV services.

We have also gotten a chance to work with the company’s other divisions (TELUS Business Services, Consumer Health and Innovation Center) on a variety of initiatives. These have ranged from a gamified chronic disease monitoring app for kids and 3D fly-throughs to an unscripted TV series and video magazine on small business transformation.

LVL is proud to consider TELUS a valued client and partner, and our team looks forward to the new and exciting projects and challenges this leading Canadian telecommunications company sends our way!

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