The LVL development team was chosen by Technicolor to take over the development, support and maintenance of their Showcase product – a content distribution and management app used by the world’s leading content producers and distributors. In addition to automating the app’s various processes (from content ingest and selection through to delivery), our Software Architects re-defined the front and back-end architecture. What’s more, members of our team continue to provide Technicolor with 24/7 technical support.

An additional mandate was awarded to our design team, who was entrusted with the complete overhaul and modernization of this same application. In addition to conducting extensive research and analysis, our UX designers established design principals and led collaborative workshops to create user stories and wireframes. As for our UI specialists? They were tasked with designing a fully refurbished responsive white label version of the Showcase application. The new-and-improved product has taken the form of an intuitive, task-oriented platform that allows leading content distributers to deliver high-quality content to a vast international customer base.

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