LeapFrog Epic

LVL worked in partnership with VTech's LeapFrog team to design and develop Epic – the brand's first ever Android-based children's tablet. The customizable and interactive home screen grows as kids grow to accommodate all learning curves and creative imaginations. Filled with fun themes, animations, educational widgets and more, this device is sure to keep them entertained. The tablet also allows parents to get involved, monitor progress, modify levels and add new content such as gifts or rewards.

LeapFrog Academy

Our team also had the privilege of collaborating with LeapFrog for a second time to help bring the brand's LeapFrog Academy app to life on web, mobile and tablet. Drawing on behavioural data acquired through in-depth child-testing, we successfully designed and developed the app's LeapFrog Academy 3D world - a dynamic environment tailored to the developmental needs of children ages 3 to 6 years old.

The experience consists of expertly-designed learning adventures that involve a traditional mix of educational subject matters, like math or grammar, as well as critical-thinking and emotion-based reasoning skills. Children earn rewards for the adventures they complete and parents can track and monitor progress as their kids advance from one level to the next. What's more, the app's My World feature provides a great environment where children are free to explore their surroundings, interact with the app's characters and truly immerse themselves in the experience.

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