What do you get when you combine endlessly-playable francophone music, exceptional Canadian talent and an immersive 3D interface that mirrors the universe? The answer is BRBR — a brilliant app concept dreamed up by TFO, who then approached LVL to help them develop and deliver it to music fans.

The product of a fruitful collaboration between our two teams, BRBR was developed in conjunction with the network’s televised competition, Planète BRBR, and sends users on a musical journey across a star-studded universe bursting with exclusive content showcasing Canada’s finest indie francophone artists.

It all began in the fall of 2016, when Planète BRBR host Stef Paquette set out on a country-wide mission to find the hottest Franco-Canadian musical acts living in provinces where French is considered the minority language. Auditions were held in 10 Canadian cities over two-and-a-half months, with finalists from each city meeting up in Toronto this past January for the final elimination rounds.

As for how this competition ties in with the Univers BRBR app? Each constellation belonging to this musical universe represents a Canadian city. What’s more, each star belonging to a given constellation represents a Franco-Canadian artist or band, with each city’s nominated artists being accompanied by a trophy logo.

By selecting a star, music fans gain instant access to a ton of exclusive content unique to the artist or band that star represents such as:

-Artist and band bios
-Select tracks and their acoustic versions
-Music videos
-Behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of Planète BRBR

Are you ready to take flight and discover what Franco-Canadian musical treasures the BRBR universe has in store for you? Download the app today!

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