The Purple Watch-Along Engine

A major challenge facing today’s premium content publishers is finding the most innovative way to attract, engage and retain viewers. What if we told you that you could easily extend the storytelling experience beyond traditional viewing and continuously interact with your viewers?

We’d like to introduce you to Purple — our powerful watch-along engine that provides the tools broadcasters, producers and marketers need to create and deliver rich content consumption experiences that can synced to live TV or VOD recordings and integrated within OTT libraries.

An Easy-to-Use Authoring and Scheduling Client

Engage viewers by nurturing interactions with them as they consume your content. Whether for live or VOD viewing, authoring, scheduling, managing and analyzing participation has never been easier!

  • Create polls, quizzes and contests that generate real-time results
  • Unveil exclusive content prior to, during and following a show
  • Enhance key moments with quotes, galleries, social posts and more
  • Measure the impact of all interactions with our real-time reporting tools driven by Google Analytics

An Attractive Multiplatform Application

Purple pulls all of your network information into a platform and device-agnostic application that reflects both your brand’s and viewer’s needs.

  • A customizable user interface provides unique, curated experiences
  • Simple syncing to any cable provider’s schedule
  • Video playback feature offers a TV-Anywhere experience
  • Available as a stand-alone app or can be embedded within an existing app

An Innovative Monetization Tool

Our watch-along engine opens up new channels for advanced yet discrete advertising, reach and conversion without sacrificing the quality of the viewing experience. Purple makes it easy to schedule sponsored content with direct CTAs throughout the watch-along experience.

  • Sponsored social media campaigns
  • Sponsored contests, polls and quizzes
  • Info cards that direct traffic to a sponsor-owned source

How it Works

Build custom applications using the Purple API that leverage your data and structures, or have our Studio team do it for you. Just because it doesn’t exist yet, doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

Our Work