The Race is On

As the video entertainment market’s competition to lock down consumer attention and loyalty heats up, the winning equation has come to consist of:

-Technological savviness, innovation and flexibility
-Speedy product and/or service distribution and discoverability
-Quality of service and novelty of experience

The E2 Video Experience Platform is what today’s network operators and publishers require in order to capitalize on new digital opportunities in the quickest and most cost-efficient way.

Reinventing the Game

Built on top of Unity®, E2 merges the best of the video game world with that of the broadcast world. What do you get when you rely on a renowned gaming engine to power video experiences?

-Seamless porting and integration to all major device platforms
-Access to an unparalleled entertainment development environment
-Advanced media integrations (AR, VR, 3D objects, animated avatars, etc.)

The E2 Advantage

Build, scale and monetize your digital service offering and reap all the benefits.

Rapid, Affordable Multiplatform Development & Deployment

A single build is all it takes to bring your product to life. E2’s unique single code base is the key to deploying your app to consumers’ devices of choice, almost instantly.

  • Seamless and simultaneous app porting to over 25 platforms
  • Dramatic reduction in design, development and operational costs
  • Rapid prototyping capabilities

Seamless Integration with Client Backend Infrastructures

No need to reinvent the wheel. E2 connects to today’s leading back-end systems, allowing you to secure the investments you’ve made in existing infrastructures.

  • A one-time integration is all that’s needed
  • Guaranteed compatibility with all major OSS/BSS environments
  • Eliminates the risk of workflow disruption

Features that Set You Apart

The customer journey is just as important as the quality of the content you produce or deliver. Impressing consumers every step of the way is vital.

  • Integrate special effects, 3D animations, smooth transitions into the experience
  • Create cutting-edge storefronts that ease and enrich content discovery
  • Offer interactive experiences that wildly exceed consumer expectations

Access to Valuable Consumer Data

E2’s built-in behavioural feedback loops allow you to make informed decisions based on direct insight into consumer habits and preferences over time.

  • Lays down the building blocks for adaptable UI
  • Mitigates the risk of introducing new features
  • Builds loyalty and reduces churn

How it Works

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