The E2 Video Experience Platform

From the many ways people access and consume content to the technologies that drive it, the digital content commerce landscape is evolving at an astonishing rate.

Many premium content publishers are on a quest to establish, develop and maintain strong direct-to-consumer relationships, committing to deliver the richest consumption experiences, as efficiently as possible, and in the most alluring of ways. This commitment holds true whether talking about televised content, movies, music, games or the like!

The challenge? Fostering mutually beneficial relationships in the most fluid and viable way at a time when technological innovation is at an all-time high.

The answer? The E2 Video Experience Platform — our powerful rapid application development and deployment solution. Built with your operations in mind, E2 has all the built-in tools you need to package and deploy your digital content across any device or platform, then curate and monetize it in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Rapid Multiplatform Deployment

By leveraging video game IDEs such as Unity™, the leading cross-platform gaming engine, E2 provides direct access to a community of millions of developers and can port your content to over 24 platforms.

  • Easily integrates game, audio and video streaming, AR and VR content
  • Targets multiple platform and form factors simultaneously
  • Reduces development, design and maintenance costs
  • Speeds up your go-to-market process

Flexible, Configurable and Operable

E2’s built-in analytics and feedback loops respond to customer usage data, adapting your content and its presentation to optimize the experience and increase conversion.

  • Dynamic data-driven user interface
  • Tailored customer experiences
  • Modify and deploy apps or content modules on the fly

Controlled, Connected and Scalable

Our API-driven solution connects to existing systems such as DRM, Video, CMS and ad networks as well as other third-party service providers.

  • Quick and simple setup process
  • Access predefined third party features
  • Abstraction to third parties of choice

Features that set you apart

The customer journey you provide is just as important as the quality of the content you deliver. Tailoring the experience you offer to modern media consumers is vital.

  • Cutting-edge interactive digital storefronts
  • Immersive 3D-animated navigation
  • AR and VR-receptive environment
  • Integrated second screen experiences

How it Works

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