C# Unity Developers

Montréal, QC

The Challenge

With the rise in popularity of Over-the-Top (OTT) and TV Everywhere (TVE) apps like Netflix and Amazon, vying for consumer attention has never been more challenging. To remain relevant at a time where video entertainment can be sought out at the swipe of a screen or click of a button, premium content providers are investing in creative solutions that place their content front and center, easing accessibility and boosting engagement.

As one of our Developers, you will help build a complete solution that facilitates the rapid development and deployment of OTT and TVE apps. You will also rely on and use Unity® to target smart TVs, smartphones and gaming consoles.

The Team

Our team is made up of versatile, passionate and lively developers with varying levels of expertise. They take pride in their ability to write top-quality code and build powerful products. They shy away from working in silos, believing that the whole team is responsible for the code they write!

The Role

The product being developed relies on a complex set of plugins to seamlessly integrate with numerous back-end authentication systems, video streaming services and standards (HLS, MPEG-DASH, DRM). It will also be able to capture relevant metrics (Adobe / Google Analytics). Resource loading will be asynchronous and optimized using appropriate caching strategies. The solution’s interface will be responsive, provide smooth transitions between screens, and offer an exceptional overall user experience. Each screen’s layout will be dynamic and will thus respond and adjust to user data and screen/device format.

Though this project’s tasks will be distributed evenly throughout the team, the new Developer’s level of responsibility will be determined based on your technical expertise.

The Profile

You should be familiar with:

  • .NET (C# 6.0/7.0, generics, LINQ, async/await, multithreading…)
  • 3D development (Unity 3D, OpenGL, maths, matrices, quaternions, vector, etc.)
  • Design patterns
  • S.O.L.I.D. principles
  • Dependency injection
  • Unit testing

The Nice-To-Haves

  • Reactive programming (http://reactivex.io, Rx.NET, UniRx, etc.)
  • Video development (Codecs, HLS, MPEG-DASH, DRMs, GStreamer, FFmpeg, DirectShow, etc.)
  • Mobile development (iOS/Android, Swift, Objective-C, Java, etc.)
  • Web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, XML, Node.js, TypeScript, etc.)
  • Multiplatform development (Open Source, Mono, C/C++, Windows/OS X/Linux)

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