About LVL

Headquartered in the wonderful gaming and AI hub of Montreal, Canada, LVL is a media and entertainment technology company that designs, builds and operates powerful digital entertainment services, platforms and products for the media and entertainment industry.

Every project we take on and every product we create is specifically designed to allow media and entertainment companies to better reach, engage and retain their customers. No matter the content type, we have the resources, expertise and tools required to deliver it to the right audience, at the right time, across any device or platform. From interactive games to news, sports, movies, TV shows, music and more; our tailor-made solutions facilitate digital content deployment, merchandizing, discovery and management.

As for enhancing content in ways that inspire viewers and users to want more? We are experts in immersive transmedia storytelling, and have been putting our expertise to work for 15 years to ensure that our clients' consumer-base continuously taps into the highest quality interactive experiences.

Our Mission

-Encourage content consumption by creating innovative digital experiences specific to our clients’ user-bases.

-Support the products we develop with creative and technical services — from content strategy, UX and UI design, to quality assurance and technical support.

-Provide premium content publishers with an all-in-one solution that addresses today’s integration, deployment and analytical challenges while reducing operational costs.

-Continuously contribute to the growth and development of the digital media and entertainment industry.

Meet our team

Jean-François Gagnon

President and Founder

Jean-François founded LVL in 2003 with the goal of defining new relationships between content and consumers. His experience working as an executive in the media technology and digital entertainment sectors are what helped him to grow his small startup into a global leader of the advanced television market.

Today, LVL designs, builds and operates powerful media discovery and consumption services for some of the biggest names in media and entertainment. Its mission remains to continuously empower clients to redefine and improve the way digital entertainment is enjoyed so that they can continuously wow their audiences.

Jean-François prides himself on remaining actively involved in LVL’s daily operations. Though he spends much of his downtime with his children, one can also hear him speak at international conferences, sharing his knowledge of how media companies can survive the era of digital disruption.

Joey Trombino

Chief Financial Officer

Joey joined LVL in 2017, bringing with him over 27 years of experience. He began his career at KPMG, where he rose through the ranks to become a Senior Manager for major manufacturing, retail and transportation clients. He has held CFO positions for several public and private companies in diverse industries and has extensive experience in raising capital and implementing programs that integrate risk management, cash management, financial planning and financial accounting requirements. Prior to becoming a member of our team, Joey's most recent mandate saw him guide a complete restructuring of his client's credit facilities and lead the path to profitability by right-sizing the company's cost structure.

Joey holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a minor in Finance and a Graduate Diploma in Accountancy from Montreal's McGill University. He is a chartered accountant and a member of the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec.

Martin Benoit

Chief Technology Officer

With over 14 years of experience in media and entertainment technology, Martin has spent much of his career delving deep into the many layers of software engineering. A former Bloomberg LLP Consultant and the previous Director of Operations and Technology at Bluestreak Technology, he joined LVL in 2015 as our Media Systems Architect and quickly demonstrated just how valuable of an asset he is to our team.

Martin’s areas of expertise range from telecom and networking to multimedia and back-ends. A respected leader recognized for his forward-thinking and his ability to thrive in unfamiliar situations; Martin’s experience, exhaustive knowledge and people skills are essential to the success of LVL’s technological endeavours.

Jean Lachance

Vice President — Sales

Jean comes to LVL with over 25 years of experience in sales and business development. He has a particular knack for bringing tech-based solutions to market and has held numerous senior-level positions at some of the most renowned media and technology companies. Prior to joining our team, Jean was the General Manager of Music Choice International in the UK, where he played an active role in integrating Stingray Music into the company and introducing it to the EMEA region. He also held the position of Vice President of Sales at notable companies like Toon Boom Animation, Quazal, Kaydara, Image Metrix and the Bakery.

Considered an industry veteran by all who have crossed his path, Jean’s extensive sales knowledge and vast expertise are incredibly valuable to us and key to LVL’s success.

Richard Hayami Z’Graggen

Vice President – Head of Experience Design

An ardent advocate for the end-user, Richard’s championing of progressive, user-centered thinking underpins the approach we take to service, systems and game design. Since his first user interface design projects using Assembler, Dbase and HyperCard, he’s continuously refined his practice in human-computer interaction (HCI) and learning technologies.

Before joining LVL in 2007, Richard designed media production software at Softimage and online medical training programs at IC Axon. He has a BASc in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo and a BFA in Design Art from Concordia University.

Jessie Lambert

Head of Talent and Culture

Jessie joined LVL in early 2016 and is credited for having dramatically improved our recruitment strategy and spicing up LVL’s corporate culture. Her HR leadership experience can be traced across three countries (France, Ireland and Canada) and spans almost a decade. After earning two Masters’ degrees (one in HR Administration from the École de Commerce de Dijon and the other in Human Resource Management from the Université de Bourgogne) Jessie went on to work in HR positions within companies operating in a variety of sectors – from engineering, pharmaceuticals and insurance to agro-food, fashion and tech.

Passionate about all things related to human nature, Jessie prides herself on staying attuned to the company’s well-being – from employee morale and department dynamics to process improvements and workload management. When she’s not searching for the ideal candidate, onboarding new hires, planning team-building activities or refining important internal processes, you can find her devouring Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg best-sellers or racing through countless Harvard Business School research articles.